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Hybridge practises a straightforward approach to investing that honors principles that have stood the test of time. We concentrate all our efforts on studying the long-term fundamentals of markets, and on avoiding many of the costly investment mistakes so many investors make. We believe assets and profits of strong corporations grow from one period to the next so investing the core of one’s assets in equities will be rewarding and prove a good inflation hedge.  

The following convictions form the core of all the investment decisions we make for our clients:

Stay invested and avoid market timing. Short-term market moves are difficult to predict so we don’t try. more »

Buy conservative and high quality investments. Don’t speculate; conservation of capital is more important than trying for a quick profit. more »

Buy growth at a reasonable price. You can overpay for even the best companies so seek value in relation to a company’s earnings. more »

Invest tax-efficiently. What you keep is as important as what you make. Don’t engage in short-term trading that simply pays the taxman before it pays you. more »

Diversify your investments. If you bet the farm and lose you have no way of making your money back. more »

Maintain investment discipline. A committed approach reduces the risk of making investment mistakes, especially where an out-of-favor investment style is abandoned by emotional capitulation, usually at the wrong time. more »

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