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Discretionary Investment Management
Investors who recognize the complexities of the investment world can delegate the management of their financial assets to professionals who have the experience and commitment to be trusted with this task. Our discretionary investment management service responds to this need, and delivers a wealth management solution designed for individuals, RRSPs, charitable institutions, trusts, and other family situations. As a separately managed account, it provides a highly personalized approach, combining high quality stocks and bonds in a mix that matches an investor’s long-term objectives and risk preferences.

We base our Discretionary Investment Management service on a series of steps, each integral to the investment success of our clients.

Investment Management Steps

Define our clients’ overall financial goals
and investment comfort level, which may include the use of financial planning software.

Prepare an Investment Policy Statement that documents our clients’ investment objectives, income requirements, and retirement needs as well as investment time horizon, tax situation, and any unique circumstances that have a bearing on investment selection. Most importantly, clients’ risk tolerance and comfort level with fluctuations in investment values will be expressed in this document.

Develop asset mix guidelines and percentage ranges that determine the combination of equities, bonds, and cash deposits that can be allocated within a portfolio. These ranges will reflect the necessary trade off between the investment objectives and the risk tolerance of our client.

Construct a portfolio of domestic and international equities and high quality bonds that reflects a client’s objectives and Hybridge’s view of the investment world.

Monitor the portfolio, and rebalance periodically as investment conditions change.

Report regularly to investors to review progress towards investment objectives. Make modifications if investment objectives have changed.

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