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Discretionary Investment Management | Benefits
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Investment Management Benefits
Our Discretionary Investment Management service is designed for families who have $500,000 of investable assets. The service has a number of benefits that collectively add up to exceptional value compared to other advisory services.

Separately managed account. Portfolios are made up of individual securities rather than mutual funds or pooled funds so our clients have full transparency by always knowing what they own while their portfolio can be fully customized to their needs. All securities owned are highly marketable so there is never an issue over liquidating an investment should funds be needed quickly.

Tax-efficiency. Separately managed accounts typically have lower turnover than mutual funds thus minimizing the realization of capital gains, while specific tax loss selling can be implemented when necessary.

Fee-based. We charge one simple fee for investment management services based on the value of the portfolio, aligning ourselves completely with its success. There are no up-front commissions, nor do we sell any other products for a commission.

Discretionary. We delegate day-to-day investment decisions to the most highly qualified professionals who have the knowledge and education to invest confidently. Our portfolio managers meet the most stringent licensing requirements in order to exercise discretionary trades. We keep our clients fully informed of our investment strategies in relation to their investment objectives, allowing them the time to pursue their other life interests.

Custodian and safekeeping service. Client securities are kept safe and secure, held by a custodian, usually a large Canadian bank. They provide a full recordkeeping service along with an annual tax package that will prove helpful during tax reporting time. The custodian usually charges a fee for this service.
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