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Investors choose to deal with an investment counselor because they trust that firm. Money is the most personal of assets and for investors to delegate stewardship to an investment manager for a fee evokes a non-negotiable commitment by the manager to conduct clients’ affairs with the utmost trustworthiness and integrity.

Commonality of Interests. Avoiding conflicts of interests is fundamental to sound investment management. Unlike other types of advisors, we do not underwrite or sell securities nor do we work on commission or receive incentives of any kind. We derive our compensation for the service offered solely in proportion to the assets under management, partnering with our clients in the growth of their portfolio, ensuring that our advice is always objective. Whether large or small we treat all our clients equally, providing them with the same access to our expertise.

Clarity. No client should ever be surprised by what we do. We purchase individual securities rather than mutual funds so our clients see exactly what they own. We spend the time educating our clients as to the investment approach we have taken. We provide regular written communication as to our thinking, hold face-to-face meetings with our clients to review our investment actions, and provide clear investment performance tables that accurately report results both in good times and in more challenging environments. We also encourage our clients to phone our portfolio managers directly to discuss their portfolio whenever they want.

Prudence when investing. Investing successfully over the long-term requires sound thought, patience, and a commitment both to a conservative investment style and to clients’ investment objectives. We do not speculate with our clients’ money through short-term trading or market timing practices, which involve more guesswork than fundamental analysis. Rather, we purchase conservative blue-chip investments that we expect to hold for the long-term. Selling will be triggered by deterioration in the fundamental outlook for the company’s business prospects, by the desire to raise funds for a better looking investment, or by the need to rebalance the portfolio to remain in tune with the clients’ investment objectives.

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