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Our success is based on our clients’ success. This requires a commitment to build long-term relationships with our clients by offering benefits that save them time, effort, and money rather than maximizing our bottom line.

Customized investment service. Many advisors try to be all things to all people, resulting in mediocre and inconsistent delivery of their many products and services. We offer one service only: discretionary investment management available to high net worth individuals, RRSPs, RRIFs, charitable institutions, trusts, and other family situations. This focus allows us to dedicate all our professionalism to build customized portfolios of securities that meet the investment objectives of our clients. Learn more about our Discretionary Investment Management Service »

Fair and competitive costs. Our management fees are simple, fair, and low. We base our fee on the market value of assets under management. There are economies of scale in our business so we pass them on to our clients by offering a tiered fee schedule whereby, as clients add more funds to their account above certain amounts, the fee rate declines. Learn more about our Investment Management fee schedule »

Independence. Hybridge is fully owned by the founding partner with no affiliations to anyone else, so is free to concentrate on delivering an investment management service without the inherent distractions that can arise if beholden to other owners. We focus our actions completely on the enhancement of clients’ wealth, nothing else.

Full access to the decision makers. Portfolio managers have complete responsibility for the investment management, servicing and communication with clients. This way, clients can regularly meet and discuss their investments with the person who is actually making the investment decisions. This improves communication and ensures alignment with the long-term investment objectives of clients. We accomplish this by keeping portfolio manager account loads relatively low and by engaging qualified staff who have the skills to deliver directly all aspects of our services.

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